Capcom Arcade

Capcom Arcade 1.09.01

Play arcade classics on your iPhone


  • The four games are classics
  • Nice retro presentation
  • Free tokens every day


  • Controls aren't great
  • Games available elswhere

Not bad

Capcom Arcade brings four classic 80s arcade titles to the iPhone, with an innovative token system for playing.

Included in Capcom Arcade are Street Fighter II, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, 1942 and Commando. Each was massively popular, and are icons of arcade gaming. Every day you are given three tokens to play any of the games. You can purchase blocks of 10 more tokens from the application, or if you really like a game you can buy the arcade game itself for a little more.

So while Capcom Arcade has a 'freemium model', do these iconic games stand up on iOS devices? All of them were designed with joystick and buttons in mind, and while the on screen controls are responsive, they simply can't compete with the real thing.

Ghouls 'n Ghosts is notoriously one of the most unfairly challenging games ever made, and niggly controls make this challenging game just too much to handle. The other games suffer similarly. While it's always nice to see them, all of these have been made available on multiple platforms over the years, and in some cases with improved graphics to boot.

Capcom Arcade may come with four bone fide classics, but iOS just isn't the right home for them.

Capcom Arcade


Capcom Arcade 1.09.01

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    Great games but why on iPhone only?.
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